May 21, 2020

Paducah’s Tip Jar

Paducah’s Tip Jar was founded by my wife Angie and I at the inception of the Coronavirus crisis. Although many Paducah citizens have been impacted by the economic effects of COVID-19, we foresaw the sector being decimated more than most to be the restaurant industry. Servers, bartenders, cooks, and other restaurant support workers, those who live primarily on tips, had nothing to fall back on. Angie and I immediately sprang into action to establish a monetary fund to help, Paducah’s Tip Jar. 

We set out to raise $50K and although most thought that would be hard to achieve, the community rallied around this industry and these workers and helped us achieve the goal. To date, over $53K has been donated and it has been a true community effort. There have been individual donations as large as $1000K and as small as $5. The Paducah Association of Realtors made a very generous donation of $5K which helped us gain momentum. Well over 300 individuals and organizations have contributed. Every donation was welcomed, and the wide range of donations validates that there were people community-wide who saw the need. 

Paducah’s Tip Jar is an example of just how much we can accomplish when we all pull together. I have a proven track record of setting goals and working with people to accomplish those goals. When we all pull together powerful things can happen. Leadership matters, especially when we are all working for a common goal. 

A vote for George Bray is a vote for enlightened leadership utilizing a collaborative style that will work with all Paducah citizens to accomplish whatever challenges come before us. 

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