December 18, 2019

Paducah Leadership & Job Growth

My campaign is focused on leadership and JOB GROWTH. Today at the Rotary Club of Paducah we heard a presentation from Bruce Wilcox, the new CEO of Greater Paducah Economic Development. Check out two very interesting slides from Bruce’s presentation.

Top 10 Things That Impact a Company’s Decision to Relocate.

  • Workforce Skills

  • Transportation Infrastructure

  • State & Local Tax Scheme

  • Ease of Permitting Regulatory Process

  • Workforce Development

  • Landing/Building Prices and Supply

  • Utilities (Cost/Reliability)

  • Right to Work State

  • Higher Education Resources

  • Quality of Life

Top Deal Killers

  • Lack of Responsiveness/Poor Government Leadership
  • Lack of Buildings/Sites
  • Lack of Skillled Workers
  • Breach of Confidentiality
  • Lack of Infrastructure
  • Lack of Incentives
  • Logistics/Transportation Barriers
  • Economics of Deal/Costs

The top 10 things that affect a company’s decision to relocate. Transportation infrastructure and ease of permitting stand out for me as areas for improvement, particularly given our need for a new airport terminal. Most importantly, check out the top 10 deal killers. #1…by far…Lack of response by local government.

I can assure you if I am elected, response to prospective companies considering relocation to our area will be LIGHTNING FAST from the City of Paducah. I welcome the opportunity to work closely with Bruce and the leadership of GPED to support their efforts to recruit MORE JOBS to Paducah.

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