December 28, 2019

Upcoming Paducah Innovation Hub

Over the holidays I had the good fortune to receive a tour of Paducah Public Schools Systems‘ new Regional Innovation Hub. Dr Donald Shively, Superintendent of the school system, conducted the tour himself and it was an eye opener. The new Innovation Hub, scheduled to be open in August is a collaboration between the Paducah Public Schools, the Paducah Area Technical School, higher education centers, the Paducah Economic Development Council and businesses in emerging industries such as technology, health care, transportation, and advanced manufacturing.

George Bray tours the Paducah Innovation Hub with Dr. Donald Shively

George Bray (Left), Dr. Donald Shively (Right)

Dr. Shively and I discussed how to best provide an elevator pitch for the Innovation Hub once the concept is fully grasped and I settled on: 

“Leading edge 21st century vocational or trade school where the level of instruction, much higher than in the past, will prepare students for both college and technical careers.”

Students can gain certifications in their chosen fields, seek to join unions, or go on to pursue a full four-year degree. Regardless of how you pitch it, this is very good for Paducah. In order to help local industry to grow, or attract new industry, our work force must be prepared. Generating good paying jobs in our area is a top priority for me and workforce development will be a key component of our success. Thank you, Dr. Shively.

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