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Paducah’s Tip Jar

Paducah’s Tip Jar was founded by my wife Angie and I at the inception of the Coronavirus crisis. Although many Paducah citizens have been impacted by the economic effects of COVID-19, we foresaw the sector being decimated more than most to be the restaurant industry....

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Paducah City Commission & Aquatic Center

Madam Mayor and City Commissioners, Over the last few months, I have made it my goal to talk with, listen, and consider the opinions of Paducah citizens everywhere on the issues that are important to each of them. I have been literally inundated with negative...

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Paducah Aquatic Center Statement

Over the last few years a dedicated group of Paducah citizens have worked with the City to bring an Aquatic Center and all the benefits it provides to the citizens of Paducah. Since October I have conducted hundreds of one on one and small group meetings to listen to...

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Upcoming Paducah Innovation Hub

Over the holidays I had the good fortune to receive a tour of Paducah Public Schools Systems' new Regional Innovation Hub. Dr Donald Shively, Superintendent of the school system, conducted the tour himself and it was an eye opener. The new Innovation Hub, scheduled to...

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Paducah Leadership & Job Growth

My campaign is focused on leadership and JOB GROWTH. Today at the Rotary Club of Paducah we heard a presentation from Bruce Wilcox, the new CEO of Greater Paducah Economic Development. Check out two very interesting slides from Bruce’s presentation.Top 10 Things That...

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Why Bray Means Business

There is a reason why my campaign slogan is Bray Means Business. Economic development is critical to the future of Paducah and the single greatest need and want is the need to grow and attract additional jobs. My administration is going to be laser focused on...

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