February 4, 2020

Tax Increase: McCracken County Fiscal Court Meeting

I attended the McCracken County Fiscal Court meeting earlier today. It was a packed courthouse and about 25 people signed up to speak. Judge Clymer opened the meeting with a 10-minute discussion on the reasons why a tax increase was critical to the future of the County but also how the county was committed to allow people to weigh in on issues such as this. The speakers were polite, and the Judge and the Commissioners listened intently. There were questions raised by speakers that the Judge and Commissioners answered afterwards. Was everyone satisfied with the outcome? I think it is safe to say not. There were lingering questions among the crowd as they filed out but there was hope that the discussion would make the fiscal court think long and hard about next steps. Will a tax increase happen? I believe most in attendance understand that revenues must be raised. The rub is exactly how.

Pictured: Judge Clymer
Speaking at the McCracken County Fiscal Court Meeting

I give Judge Clymer and the three Commissioners high marks for allowing open discussion among county residents. Transparency in government is a cornerstone of my campaign and today was an example of that. Under my leadership as Mayor transparency in decision making will be a practice and town hall meetings like this will be utilized to allow open discussions.

Will we always like the answers to the questions? No. But Paducah citizens will be allowed to ask those questions, no matter how hard they will be to answer.


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